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[07 Oct 2011|02:58am]
[ mood | busy ]

Wait, is LJ still a thing? Well fuck.


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[02 May 2011|05:09pm]
[ mood | determined ]

My lungs are functioning at 50% now, FUCK YEAH. TRANSPLANT, HERE I POSSIBLY FINALLY COME.

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All back to normal~! [10 Oct 2010|10:52am]
[ mood | creative... WITH NO OUTLET HNG ]

Naotis has a friend who likes my art and might lend me his tablet! I HOPE SO. HNG. I want to manifest the stuff that flashes in my head when I'm daydreaming, and it's all way too difficult and precise to do with a mouse. *crosses his fingers*

Naotis: I met this kid yesterday. I mean, I just met him yesterday but he's totally adorable. And I want to do him/get to know him. lmao.
me: I like how you put "do him" before "get to know him". XDDDDDDDD
Naotis: LMFAO
Naotis: SHUT UP


Man, yesterday was weird. Here's to hoping I feel better today~ I would, if I had the tools I need to do art. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. T_T I'M SICK OF DOING PENCIL SKETCHES. IT'S NOT FAIR. IF I WAS STUPID I'D RAGE QUIT TEH IRL 4EVAR. *stuffs his spoiled artist-rage face with more cookies while crying* WHY ARE MY COOKIES SALTY.

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[20 Sep 2010|10:44pm]
[ mood | busy ]

unbornstd (10:31:21 PM): your totally indiana mue
unbornstd (10:31:35 PM): indiana mue and the adventures of the stolen kittehs
gravityfxxk (10:32:43 PM): Any bitches be stealing my kittehs, and I sure as hell will cut them down like vines with my machete.
unbornstd (10:34:14 PM): i like to imagine that while i'm not hanging out with you your having amazing adventures
unbornstd (10:34:48 PM): flying around shooting lasers at kitty thieves
unbornstd (10:34:57 PM): from your gay nipples
gravityfxxk (10:35:18 PM): That is totally what I've been doing.

He still doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're".

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[04 Sep 2010|04:20pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

gravityfxxk (4:12:34 PM): *pierces the heavens at 4am*
herrhundebiss (4:13:16 PM): Mue, why on earth are you piercing the heavens at 4 in the morning?
gravityfxxk (4:13:33 PM): Because I've lost control of my drill.
herrhundebiss 4:13:57 PM): ...that was like, the coolest shit I've read in a while.
gravityfxxk (4:14:11 PM): *gigglefitting so hard right now*
gravityfxxk (4:14:54 PM): WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU

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ALMOST... HERE... HNNNNNNNGH-- [22 Jul 2010|12:15am]
[ mood | energetic ]

FRIDAY. FRIDAY. FRIDAY. I need black boxer-briefs that will cover my bits so I can wear skirts~ I has tons of money this year due to my birthday having just passed recently, so I am planning on buying some kind of cute frilly dress at Metrocon, either a maid costume or a loli costume. I really want to find something super deluxe and unique, in black and turquoise blue. X3 I know, I'm setting myself up for disappointment... I CAN DREAM~

gravityfxxk: Can't wait to hang out with you on Friday! :3 *will find you*
herrhundebiss: Just look for the China screaming for Russia. lmao
gravityfxxk: Kekeke. I'll be all wandering around-liek, screaming "NAOTIS!!!!!!!" and people will be liek "Wtf is a naotis?"
herrhundebiss: LMFAO
herrhundebiss: Try not to bust your cute butt on the floor again. ._.
gravityfxxk: And I'll be liek, "A Naotis is liek this--" and I'll slide around in my socks making your retarded seal face.
herrhundebiss: I don't even think I can make that face anymore. XDDDDD
herrhundebiss: LMFAO

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I missed you, Naotis. XD [08 Jul 2010|03:42am]
[ mood | amused ]

[02:08] herrhundebiss: DO IT
[02:09] gravityfxxk: *uses tentacle monster to grab some bitches* They'll die. ._.
[02:09] herrhundebiss: I hope so. ._.
[02:10] herrhundebiss: I FUCKING HOPE SO.
[02:12] herrhundebiss: I'LL SMOKE THE ASHES.
[02:12] gravityfxxk: FUCK YOU.
[02:13] herrhundebiss: ALRIGHT.

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Writer's Block: Family Is… [19 Jun 2010|12:06am]
What does family mean to you?

My friends are my family. Genetic relation means nothing to me. If a genetic relative is an ass, I treat them no differently than I'd treat a stranger who's an ass. Family is those who you actually care about and love, without feeling obligated to. Family is who you rant to, who you vent to, whose shoulders you cry on, and who come to you for those same things. Family is about support and respect, not DNA.
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Tearing this video a new asshole, Part 1. [01 Jun 2010|02:04am]
So tonight I stumbled upon a "documentary" uploaded to YouTube by a random user, titled Cosmology: The Discovery of Creation. Knowing full well what it would be and in the mood to have a good giggle, I began watching it. Naturally, I began having mental commentary and was unable to resist the urge to type it down. *sigh* I may as well stick it here.

3:35 - "By the end of the 19th century, atheists had established a worldview that they believed accounted for everything. They denied that the universe had been created, saying that it had existed forever and had no beginning."

This is too generalised a statement. There has never been a universal agreement amongst all atheists as to how everything came to be. Different atheists can have different views and hypotheses. The only thing they necessarily have in common is lack of belief in a deity.

4:33 - "Yet every one of these views collapsed with scientific, political, and sociological advances in the 20th century. Discoveries in a great number of fields, from astronomy to biology, from psychology to social ethics, fundamentally overturned the most basic assumptions of atheism."

First off, what? Science cannot disprove or prove atheism the same way it cannot disprove or prove theism. The very basis of theism is faith, which cannot be tested or measured scientifically. Science deals with understanding the material world, as this video has already admitted. The very fundamentals of theism are based OUTSIDE of the material world! Thus the above statement is a logical contradiction that makes no sense. Secondly, politics has nothing to do with science. It can be argued that politics is based upon deceit and propaganda. I also don't see the relevance of mentioning sociology or psychology, but it probably has something to do with the filmmakers assuming that peoples' thoughts and feelings prove there is a god -- again, unscientific.

6:53 - "The first person to support the idea [of a universe that had always existed] in the new age was the famous 18th century philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant claimed that the universe had existed forever[.]"

Wrong. One of Kant's primary hypotheses was that it was entirely possible that we could never know whether the universe had a beginning or had existed infinitely, due to our own limited perception warping reality into an easily-digestible form.

8:48 - "To put it another way, the universe was created from nothing."

This is misleading. Science does not claim to know that the universe came from "nothing". We do not know what happened before or at the moment of the initial expansion of the universe. This is up for debate.

9:02 - "Although the Big Bang Theory disturbed materialists[...]"

It didn't. The philosophical theory of materialism does not contradict the Big Bang Theory. What a weird thing to say. Again, I don't get the point of this.

10:12 - "[...]Maddox wrote that the Big Bang is philosophically unacceptable because Creationists and those of similar persuasion have ample justification in the doctrine of the Big Bang."

Maddox's quote has been taken completely out of context here. Nowhere did he say that the Big Bang Theory supports theism. He believed that the Big Bang Theory could not be proven experimentally, therefore it was as unscientific as Creationism.

10:41 - "The fact arrived at by modern astronomy is this: Matter and time were brought into being by an infinitely powerful creator who is bound by neither of them. The creator of the universe we inhabit is God, lord of all the world."

I am laughing so hard right now. The way this assumption is arrived at is just... wow. There was not even an attempt at an actual explanation as to HOW science proves a deity, unless you count the inadequate brief mention of the Big Bang. All the Big Bang hints at is that the universe had a beginning. How could one even begin to derive a deity from that? There is not enough information ABOUT the Big Bang to make such an assumption. Even though this is quite obviously religious propaganda, that last quote still came out of nowhere. I was at least expecting some more blatantly untrue pseudo-science to be thrown my way before a huge train wreck of a statement like that.

I'll go back and critique all five parts sometime soon. For now I'm just going to finish watching them for the lulz.
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[21 May 2010|07:56pm]
unbornstd: Such a beautiful girl with great fashion sense aren't you hideyoshi
gravityfxxk: lulz0rz

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[12 May 2010|03:52am]
Weird mood since yesterday. Drew something that had to be drawn but makes me sick just looking at it. I considered not drawing it, but the mental image wouldn't leave me alone and the urge wouldn't go away. Life is hell when your hands control you. Don't feel like working on anything right now. The clinic gets my soul on Thursday. Fuck. That's all.
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Writer's Block: Gone with the wind [16 Apr 2010|11:59pm]
What three things do you think will become obsolete in the next ten years, and why?

Religion. I shouldn't really have to explain that one.
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[16 Apr 2010|11:58pm]
Hypersterility (11:50:32 PM): i've noticed that peoples' handwriting is always a lot messier than mine, or fancier. i've never seen handwriting that's just plain but still very legible, like mine
Hypersterility (11:51:05 PM): it's either complete chicken scratch, or everything is curvy and effeminate
Hypersterility (11:51:52 PM): i basically write like a font o_O
Hypersterility (11:52:02 PM): i feel liek a robot now lul
Fluffy (11:52:03 PM): I wouldn't say my handwritting is either one of those, maybe a bit curvy.
Hypersterility (11:52:09 PM): wat
Hypersterility (11:52:20 PM): your handwriting is so messy i can't read it
Fluffy (11:52:28 PM): No it is not
Hypersterility (11:52:43 PM): maybe it has changed since the last thing you wrote me
Hypersterility (11:53:11 PM): the card you gave me back in january '08 when i was in the hospital is complete chicken scratch
Hypersterility (11:53:25 PM): not saying there's anything wrong with that
Fluffy (11:53:28 PM): Pth, I signed it in the car.
Hypersterility (11:53:43 PM): it's the same as all the letters you've written me XD
Hypersterility (11:53:56 PM): you write liek a teenage boy, admit it charle!
Fluffy (11:54:15 PM): No it isn't, my writting changed a long time ago.
Hypersterility (11:54:53 PM): write me something new then, write it all nice sitting at a table or desk and write at your usual speed
Fluffy (11:55:04 PM): Ok
Hypersterility (11:55:28 PM): fill several lines so i can get a good gauge on your style and how you orient your letters and whatnot
Fluffy (11:55:47 PM): All you get is one word.
Hypersterility (11:55:52 PM): i should collect handwriting samples from all my friends ^_^
Fluffy (11:55:56 PM): One a sock
Hypersterility (11:55:58 PM): YOU ARE SO MEAN CHARLE
Hypersterility (11:56:13 PM): NO WONDER I DO HEROIN
Fluffy (11:56:14 PM): Written with berry juice.
Hypersterility (11:56:27 PM): hahaghahhah
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[16 Apr 2010|03:43pm]
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Writer's Block: Talk to the animals. [13 Apr 2010|12:38am]
What would you do if your pet dog or cat suddenly started to talk to you, but nobody else could hear it? Would you assume you'd gone mad or simply be happy for the company? Would you try to convince your friends and family or would you be satisfied keeping it to yourself?

OH MAN. I would love it so much. I have ten cats though, so I guess they'd all talk? I'd ask them so many questions, and tell them how much I love them, and listen to them for hours, and talk to them in lolcat, and ask them if I sound anything like a cat when I make kitteh noises. I think I do it pretty well, but they'd be the judge of that. I'd definitely try to convince everyone, but might give up eventually if it didn't work.
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[29 Mar 2010|02:13am]
Bana na na na! Neo! Bana nana nana na! Sporin!
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[16 Mar 2010|02:21am]
snotyourforte (12:07:57 AM): but i made my own oscar meyer weiner jingle@!
snotyourforte (12:08:17 AM): just me screaming and playing drums. it's like a whole group home having at orgasm into a can of beans at the same time,

snotyourforte (12:18:46 AM): how many hours do you think it takes before mold forms on dave's killer bread if it was in a non-airtight black liquor store bag?
snotyourforte (12:19:01 AM): i has no veg cheese but i will eat an air sandwich
Hypersterility (12:19:10 AM): i want sloppy joes. the nasty manwich kind
suicide666god (12:19:14 AM): how old is the bread?
snotyourforte (12:19:23 AM): oh man i would eat the shit out of a sloppy joe or meatball sandwich
snotyourforte (12:19:30 AM): i dont know man, i didnt give birht to it.
Hypersterility (12:19:32 AM): i read "bread" as "beard"

snotyourforte (12:22:50 AM): fuck i knocked my bong over
snotyourforte (12:22:59 AM): i still have the same water in it from when brutal truth was here
snotyourforte (12:23:03 AM): the water is PUNGENT
snotyourforte (12:23:04 AM): FUCK
suicide666god (12:23:16 AM): but it is grindcore pungent
suicide666god (12:23:38 AM): like some fanboy would drink it/soak his dick in it
Hypersterility (12:24:16 AM): and then maybe use it for some upstandingly fancy tea

snotyourforte (1:14:37 AM): my boner is harder than ever
snotyourforte (1:14:52 AM): i mean my nipples
snotyourforte (1:14:54 AM): my woman nipples
sunnydollmal (1:14:54 AM): Lol cute
snotyourforte (1:14:58 AM): because im a woman
sunnydollmal (1:15:04 AM): Ahahahahaahah roflmfao
Hypersterility (1:15:19 AM): i sense dicknipples

snotyourforte (1:18:28 AM): oh youre gay
snotyourforte (1:18:28 AM): !
snotyourforte (1:18:32 AM): i didnt pick up on that
Hypersterility (1:18:37 AM): LAWL
sunnydollmal (1:18:43 AM): Mmm mouth sex
Hypersterility (1:18:44 AM): i've been caught
suicide666god (1:18:45 AM): he said he was a faggot
sunnydollmal (1:18:54 AM): Agreed with suicide
snotyourforte (1:18:58 AM): oh
snotyourforte (1:18:59 AM): well
snotyourforte (1:19:05 AM): there go my hopes and dreams
snotyourforte (1:19:12 AM): so i guess it's ok to admit im a man now, huh?
suicide666god (1:19:14 AM): you were recording at the time
sunnydollmal (1:19:21 AM): Aww
suicide666god (1:19:28 AM): dude you could change him
snotyourforte (1:19:38 AM): hhahaha
snotyourforte (1:19:42 AM): into what, a unicorn?

suicide666god (1:38:44 AM): i wish i could write songs about hot dogs
suicide666god (1:39:04 AM): last song i wrote was about fat people fucking
snotyourforte (1:39:24 AM): well to be fair it's like 20 seconds long and sucks
snotyourforte (1:39:35 AM): JUST LIKE A hot dog
Hypersterility (1:39:37 AM): well maybe they were secretly eating hotdogs while fucking
Hypersterility (1:39:57 AM): it can be your little secret with yourself

Hypersterility (1:41:49 AM): yay pancake nipples
sunnydollmal (1:42:08 AM): Yumm
sunnydollmal (1:42:16 AM): I have braille nipples
suicide666god (1:42:21 AM): really?
suicide666god (1:42:31 AM): how are they braille nipples?
suicide666god (1:42:36 AM): what do they say?
sunnydollmal (1:42:51 AM): They say bite me and suck me :D
Hypersterility (1:42:55 AM): and just how many of them do you HAVE?
Hypersterility (1:43:00 AM): to spell that out
Hypersterility (1:43:02 AM): jayzus
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[14 Mar 2010|09:50pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So I want to start collecting bangles, and name them after Hindu deities. I'm going to use this entry to save ones I like.




(These are childrens' size but they'd probably fit me. XD) http://cgi.ebay.com/Kids-Children-Lemon-Lime-Indian-Gold-Bracelet-Bangle_W0QQitemZ380212810919QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item58867314a7

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The AIM on my laptop doesn't save convos. [14 Feb 2010|12:48am]
Iook (12:22:33 AM): you and steven collectively are deemed my valentine
Iook (12:22:36 AM): i can't just have nobody!
Iook (12:22:49 AM): i don't care how corporate this holiday is
Iook (12:23:09 AM): people's pics of them with their partners is only wrong!
Hypersterility (12:32:35 AM): awwwwww!
Hypersterility (12:32:43 AM): i <3 you!
Iook (12:33:10 AM): :] xoxo
Hypersterility (12:33:52 AM): i must now make you and ven a collective valentine card
Iook (12:33:59 AM): lol
Hypersterility (12:35:15 AM): "to look and uscilid, love [still looking for a new catchy online moniker because hypersterility is too nihilistic and deformitypolice makes me think of police brutality and superfluous limbs]"
Iook (12:35:31 AM): hahaah
Iook (12:35:48 AM): a friend of mine in tampa
Iook (12:35:54 AM): got his wife a carniverous plant
Hypersterility (12:36:08 AM): that's badass
Hypersterility (12:36:36 AM): that's a real man's valentine gift, fuck roses
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[24 Jan 2010|10:47pm]
The more I learn about Christianity and its followers, the worse I feel about it. Sometimes I literally almost start feeling a sick pit in the bottom of my stomach. It actually... scares me sometimes. More and more, I begin to see it as a dangerous cult. It's a phenomenally unsettling religion, and I'm surprised and a little appalled that more people can't see this.

Anyway, today I've decided to ramble a bit about why I don't call myself an atheist, and about the terminology of the words "atheist" and "agnostic". The latter I will touch on first.

For many people the term "atheist" automatically brings to mind "one who believes that there is (are) no god(s)". Now, let's deconstruct that a bit. "Believes" (i.e., holds a position regardless of evidence or lack thereof; a "belief" being something personal and in no way necessarily bound to logic or evidence) "that there is (are) no god(s)", (i.e., a claim for which one would logically have to provide evidence, or concede). In other words, claiming that there definitely is (are) no god(s) is a logical fallacy because this fact is currently not known. There is no proof one way or another, regardless of any evidence that leans in one direction or another. Similarly, there is no absolute proof that there is no population of pink unicorns on a distant planet, despite logic telling us that there probably isn't. However, I would not call this atheism (I will explain why below). For clarity, I would call this antitheism.

Breaking down the word "atheism", we have "a-", a prefix denoting a lack of something, and "theism", the belief (regardless of evidence or lack thereof) in a god or gods. So what we get based on these roots is that an atheist is "one who lacks the belief in a god or gods". It says nothing about what the person potentially does believe, only what they don't believe. Lacking a belief in a god is not the same as believing there is no god. Atheism makes no claim as to whether a god exists or not, simply that the person does not subscribe to the belief that there is a god. In most cases, the atheist will lack any personal beliefs and will simply say, "I don't know" or "It is impossible to know". This would be considered an agnostic stance, agnosticism actually describing the position of the person in this example, rather than their lack of a position.

Now for my own views and what I will and will not call myself.

My view on the god issue is as follows -- I lack a belief in all established gods of all known religions, past and present, and have a personal belief (a bias, which as a skeptic I freely admit to be a bias) that they definitely do not exist and have never existed. My definition of a god is a conscious force that pervades the entire universe/multiverse and is responsible for its existence. I believe that currently no one knows whether or not there is such a conscious force, and lean toward the position that there most likely is not. I have no definite belief on whether or not humans could ever discover whether or not a universal consciousness exists. It is a subject that I am still mulling over. On one hand, I tend toward a view that with sufficient knowledge anything can be known. However, it is questionable as to whether or not humans ever can have sufficient knowledge, therefore leaving it all unanswered as far as I am concerned.

Religion is any explanation for existence that claims to be true but is based upon speculation or belief rather than proof. A religion may or may not involve a god or gods, but a belief in a god or gods is necessarily religious, as it has not been proven.

A speculation on existence without proof (and making no claims of absolute truth) is called philosophy. Philosophy may speculate about the existence of gods, but makes no claims.

An explanation for existence with proof (which requires a definite, established method of analysation, hypothesising and constructing an entire theorem) is scientific.

I define my personal view as nonreligious (as I do not subscribe to a belief in any god, established or not, nor do I subscribe to any explanation for existence that has no proof), philosophical (as I am entirely willing to speculate), and ultimately scientific (in that I will not believe something unless it correlates with scientific data). Terms such as "atheist", "agnostic", etc. I find are too constricting and definitive for my views, which are more non-specific I suppose.

Whew. That's enough for now.
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